CTLR Annual Membership Meeting

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Somerset, Texas


The annual meeting of the Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry was called to order at 10:20 a.m. by President Sonny Detmer.  Sonny thanked Shelby King for his dedicated service to the CTLR as treasurer for the past 17 years.  Debbie Davis presented Shelby with a beautiful framed original drawing of a Texas Longhorn steer by Steve Forbis, guaranteed to pass CTLR inspection.

As minutes from our June board of directors meeting were emailed and copies passed out, Betty Detmer made the motion to accept these minutes, 2nd by Debbie Davis; and approved.  The annual report by the President was covered as the meeting progressed.  Shelby  King then presented our financial report, with 2011 having $4427.55 income and $1072.38 in expenses; we completed the year with a yearly balance of $3355.17 and a bank balance of $22,191.39.  The February 2012 statement shows we have an income of $1980.00; expenses at $49.55 for a bank balance of $28,052.01.  Thanks to Giles Madray sending out dues renewal statements, we received many 2012 renewed membership dues.

Debbie Davis reported that we have received 62 new registrations so far in 2012 with pending registrations at Fort Robinson.  We have a total of six new members: Danny Guffy from Henager, AL, sponsored by Ted Aycock; Life Member Markham Dossett from Waco sponsored by Debbie Davis; Richard Rust, from Hasse, TX sponsored by Frank Sharp; Kathy & Kenny Aydt from Folsom, NM sponsored by Fred Balmer; Jim & Pauline McBride from  Brownwood sponsored by Frank Sharp; and Bonnie Kuecker from Cuero sponsored by David Sifford.  Fred Balmer made a motion that we approve these new members, 2nd by Gil Dean; and approved.

We continued our meeting with election of board members.  Three seats expired at the completion of the 2008-2011 term.  Bill Guffy resigned from the board; the suggested replacement was Bill Lotz.  B.J. Rankin and Debbie Davis agreed to remain on the board. The membership elected these three. 

Our board of directors gathered to elect officers.  New or remaining officers are:  Sonny Detmer, President; Bubba Sullivan, Vice President; Giles Madray, Treasurer and Marijo Balmer will continue as Secretary.

Sonny Detmer made a short presentation about cattle on the Big Bend Ranch and that we have been a part of their registration and round-ups since 1995, when John Guldemann was CTLR President.  With new managers at Big Bend Ranch the Texas Longhorn cattle are no longer as welcome, and CTLR only hopes that the management will keep us in the information circle.  Carter Smith, Executive Director and Dick Scott of Texas Parks & Wildlife, are interested in public trails for biking and hiking on the ranch. From thier website, Texas Parks and Wildlife has removed mention of viewing or round-up of the Texas Longhorn cattle herd on the park in favor of promoting biking, birding, camping, caving, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, nature viewing and photography, rock climbing and star gazing.  Cattle have been a part of this ranch since the late 1800's and the Diamond A Cattle Company (re)introduced Texas Longhorn cattle to the ranch in the 1960's.  Those cattle are the ancestors of the present Big Bend Ranch State park herd.  Bubba Sullivan continued that he has tried to keep in close contact with Big Bend Ranch management as they have about 35 CTLR registered cattle and some that could be subsequently registered.  He hopes that if they disperse these longhorns they will notify him as to time and place so we are able to inform prospective buyers of good longhorns.  Bubba has a registered bull that was in service at the Big Bend Ranch; good natured, calm, Bravo I linage, about 1200-1300 pounds, for sale at this time; however, he won't be around for long.  Debbie continued that Texas Parks and Wildlife Directors were unaware that the Big Bend Texas Longhorns were even registered or being tracked by CTLR.

Mark Oppelt from Land Heritage Institute brought us up to date on events at the Land Heritage.  They continue to cull and trade some of their Longhorn stock to upgrade the herd and keep the numbers in line with the amount of pastures and feed they have for the cattle.  This is their third calf crop, "Adobe" WR 2305, is the herd sire.  A new pasture has been fenced for this season for a total of 5 pastures encompassing about 400 acres.  Last year saw approximately 1100 visitors, with a goal of 2000 visitors for 2012.  At the present time there are 11 college students developing trails and other improvements on the site.  As the Chisholm Trail started or went close to land the Land Heritage occupies it is only natural for them to partner with a group to establish history & information about the Chisholm Trail.  Land Heritage Institute continues to improve their facilities, springs and longhorn herd; making it a show place/family place for the state of Texas.

Mark Oppelt informed us that NPR (National Public Radio), the Whitte Museum of San Antonio, Emily McTavish and LHI met to broadcast a Science Friday on Emily's DNA Longhorn project. Mark took the longhorn cow "Cupid" and heifer calf to the event, educating about 500 persons attending and many more with the broadcast.

Will Cradduck was missed at our meeting; however, he was showing and educating the public at an event. The Longhorns at San Angelo State Park are considered as part of the Texas state herd. This state park is under Texas Parks and Wildlife. The official site of the state herd is at Fort Griffin State Historic Site, which is under Texas Historical Commission. Will Cradduck is the herd manager for the state of Texas herd, and he offices at Ft. Griffin.  A CTLR approved bull, Bonito, will be used for another year at Fort Griffin (also previously in service at the Big Bend Ranch State Park).

Debbie's report that our DNA progress indicated that we can positively identify introgression with Bos Indicus; however can not do the same with Bos Taurus.  We will continue to use the DNA tests along with our visual inspections, after the age of two years.  The DNA can be collected earlier than the two year-old visual inspection time.  We will not offer our testing for other breeds or associations.

Sonny will be in Florida and will visually inspect Bobbie Floyd's herd.

Gil Dean and father, Gibby Dean, have driven a longhorn herd on the streets of Georgetown in October for the Chisholm Trail Days for the past five to six years, where approximately 6000/8000 spectators enjoy seeing these magnificent animals. This past February they were invited to drive Texas Longhorns down the streets of San Antonio in conjunction with the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.  Approximately 30,000 to 40,000 visitors witnessed how manageable and beautiful these Texas Longhorn cattle are in this Western Heritage Parade.  Gil just finished a photo shoot with his steer, Sancho, for a national AT&T ad, watch for it to show up soon on your TV.

At 11:30 a.m. Gil Dean made the motion, 2nd by Gibby Dean to adjourn our meeting, and it was approved.


Respectfully submitted

Marijo Balmer, Secretary





Attending Members and Guests:

Betty Detmer, Marijo Balmer, Fred Balmer, Nelson Oliver, Tracy Salmon, Belinda Salmon, Sandy Oliver, Rhonda Dean, Gibby Dean, Vivian Page, Richard Page, J.D. Smith, Vicki Smith, Alice King, Shelby King, Randy Almaguen, Sheila Fries, Seaton Fries, James Dildine, Carol Dildine, Mary Rutan, Giles Madray, Becky Madray, Lonnie Rodriquez, Paula Wilson, Gil Dean, Judy Dean, Mary Fenstermaker, BeBe Fenstermaker, Martha Fenstermaker, Ginger Kinsey, Frank Sharp, Mike Hodges, J. McBride, Frankie McBride, Billy Jack Rankin, Bubba Sullivan, Sonny Ray Smith, John Long, Jim Wade, Sonny Detmer, Mark Oppelt, Debbie Davis, Don Davis