Markham Dossett announced the delivery of a Sleeper bronze longhorn to the Suspension Bridge in Waco.  Construction was completed on the bridge over the Brazos River in downtown Waco in 1869.  Prior to completion of the bridge, the only way across the river was via ferry.  Crossing cattle on the Chisholm Trail was dangerous and losses were costly. The bridge was wide enough for stagecoaches to pass each other, or for cattle to cross one side of the bridge, and humans to cross the other side. Being the only bridge to cross the Brazos at the time, the cost of building the bridge, which was estimated to be $141,000 was quickly paid back. Tolls were 5 cents per head of cattle that crossed, along with a charge for pedestrian traffic._Wikipedia  McLennan County removed the tolls in 1914.



I am happy to report that the Sleeper Longhorn was delivered to the Suspension Bridge Longhorn herd in October. It was originally delivered in June but the horns were too straight so I sent it back.  It will be dedicated to Fabius Hoyt Sleeper and Walter B. Dossett Jr.  Great, Great, Grandfather Fabius registered the S brand on the Left Hip in McLennan Co. in 1871.  This sculpture bears the S brand.  I use that brand on my cattle today.  All of the longhorns will eventually have a plaque at their feet yet denoting the dedication.__Markham Dossett

Markham has a herd of real Texas Longhorns at the HARDWAY RANCH near McGregor, TX.